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Vatican Private Tour And The Sistine Chapel

vaticanVisited places: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Saint Peterʼs Basilica.
Starting time: 9am - 1:30pm
Not available on Sundays

entrance tickets needed


daytime tour only

walking difficulty: easy





You'll discover that Rome is Easy Vatican Private Tour and Sistine Chapel is the easiest and most entertaining way to visit the smallest country in the world.

We are aware that the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum are on top of your wish list and we will make it easy for you to fully enjoy this experience!
Our staff of private guides will make your visit to the Vatican Museum unforgettable, providing also the tickets for fast entrance.

Both the Sistine Chapel, one of the great masterpieces of Michelangelo and the Vatican museums will leave you amazed for their incredible beauty and splendor.
However, the greatness and vastness of these places can be overwhelming. A private tour guide is a must and the only way to really appreciate both these incredible attractions and the pieces of arts within: your private guide will pause at things you like inside the long galleries of the Vatican Museum and be glad to answer all of your questions and explain everything you will be seeing!

Begin Your Tour With Us

Our staff of professional and knowledgable guides will make your visit easy since the very beginning of your tour, starting from skipping the lines, which is the only practical and time saving way to visit any major tourist attraction in Rome.



Pick Up At Your Stay

To simplify you arrival at the Vatican Museums, we will come to pick you up directly at your hotel in the city center of Rome.

Withraw The Tickets With No Rush

We will withdraw the tickets once arrived at the Vatican. Thus, there will be no need to waste your time trying to find the ticket offices.

Enter The Galleries Of The Vatican Museums

Then we will enter into the 7km of galleries that form the Vatican Museums; 7 km of masterpieces. Thanks to your guide you’ll see that this is going to be an amazing experience. We love the Vatican Museums and its treasures and our goal is to make you feel the same;

Continue The Tour To The Sistine

During the tour you’ll be seeing: the Cortile della Pigna; the Octagonal Courtyard with its famous statue called Lacoonte; the Round Hall with the famous basin in red porphyry marble; the Gallery of Tapestries, gigantic masterpieces made for the Sistine Chapel in the 1500; the Gallery of the Maps, that we enjoy calling the first Google maps in history. These are just a few of the beautiful marvels we are going to see in our itinerary to the Sistine Chapel.

Your guide will explain the paintings you are going to see in the Sistine Chapel before entering. Thus, once in it, you will have plenty of time to enjoy them in complete peace and silence, just surrounded by art and beauty!
Last stop of your tour will be the Saint Peter’s Basilica, where the Pietà by Michelangelo is, and Saint Peter’s Square, where you will see the famous window of the Pope’s apartments.

Make Memories And Take Pictures

We know the importance of making good memories from your journey. This is the reason why we will stop, whenever is allowed, to take beautiful pictures of you during the tour;

Ask Us For Some Advice To Continue Your Journey

At the end of the tour your guide will be glad to help you and give you some advice on anything you wish to know, such as souvenirs, books, restaurants and so on. So, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Make Your Stay Even More Relaxing

Do you want to make your stay in Rome even more relaxing and forget about all the stress? Then ask us to book your entrance tickets, we will be glad to do it for you!



Duration: 3 hours

Location: indoor

Wheelchair accessible: yes

Skip the line entrance tickets: 20 Euros per person through the Vatican online ticket office, 12 Euros reduced tickets (children 6-18 years old and students under 26 with student card)



Of course, you can decide to go on your tour whenever you prefer.
Our tip for you anyway is to plan your tour, if that’s possible, at the beginning of your stay in Rome. In this way, your guide can advice you on restaurants, shops, places to visit, attractions to see and much more, and help you to make you stay in Rome easy!



 Remember that our tours are completely tailored on our customers' needs, so don't hesitate to ask whatever you wish, we will be glad to do our best to meet your request!


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