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Trastevere And The Jewish District Walking Guided Tour

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Join us and explore with us two of the most interesting and picturesque neighborhoods in Rome with the Trastevere and the Jewish District walking guided tour!

As we usually say to people traveling to Italy “If you do anything in Rome you must go to the Gianicolo Hill!” Indeed it provides the best view you'r likely to see of Rome in a great park setting.
This tour it’s an exploration to discover the colors, perfumes, culture and the history of the Eternal City.

From the top of the hill, just a few steps down, your guide will lead you through the narrow lanes, delighted by all the orange, yellow, red sprouts from the walls of the old buildings around us, just decorated by romantic ivy.

Then we will be ready to discover one of the most popular districts of Rome: Trastevere. We will walk through its streets and alleys discovering charming squares, fountains and churches like Santa Maria in Trastevere and we can have a pleasant stop for a coffee, a cappuccino or gelato!

Crossing the pedestrian bridge of Ponte Sisto, we will enjoy our stroll discovering secrets and curiosities of one of the most ancient areas of the city: the Jewish area, known in Rome and by locals as the “Ghetto”. Indeed, Rome is not only about the story of gladiators, Emperors and Catholicism, but also the city where the Roman Jews have lived for more than 2,000 years.



Pick Up At Your Stay

You will meet your private tour guide at your stay in the city center and reach the Gianicolo Hill together.

Enjoy The View From The Gianicolo Hill

We can proudly say that this enchanting terrace offers one of the most amazing panoramic view in the world. From the Gianicolo hill you can really admire the beauty of the whole city and have the chance to get an exciting alternative perspective of the monuments and the attractions after or before visiting them up close. There will be time to stop and look at the views from different angles and - of course - take some awesome photos!

Discover Trastevere

Trastevere hasn’t change much in the centuries. This area is full of character, full of narrow lanes, beautiful churches, villas and fountains hidden behind every corner, and warm colors. As ancient travelers we will enter the Eternal City from the hill that according to Roman myth and religion was dedicated to Janus, the god of transitions and passages. Indeed he was usually depicted with two faces, one looking to the future, while the other one to the past. This symbolic gate will give the start to our tour!
Walking down its cobblestone little streets, your private guide will tour you around the area, telling you its history and making you discover its most hidden corners!

Reach The Ghetto

You’ll continue the tour with your private guide to reach the Ghetto. The all district itself is just beautiful and full of history. The 1904 Synagogue - a centerpiece to this area - has a magnificent structure with beautiful windows and decorations.
The Ghetto is anything but a marginalized or miserable area. Instead, it represents an important part of the real Roman history. Jewish food, culture and traditions are actually one of the most important feature of the Roman culture. Yet, the Ghetto has remained untouched during the centuries and has never been renovated. This inseparable combination between ancient and modern is what make this place unique.
Walking through the narrow cobbled streets and its several levels of history, we will go through many surroundings, learning the history of the jewish community and admiring the beauty of its artifacts
. The entire district is merged in a unique atmosphere thanks to its traditions and the presence of many emotional sites and ruins. We’ll see the local kosher restaurants and bakeries and visit the lovely Fountain of the Turtles.

This tour will really fill you in and your private guide will make sure you’ll learn the story behind the places you’ll be visiting. 



Duration: 3 hours

Location: outdoor

Wheelchair accessible: yes 

No entrance fees



Of course, you can decide to go on your tour whenever you prefer.
Our tip for you anyway is to plan your tour, if that’s possible, at the beginning of your stay in Rome. In this way, your guide can advice you on restaurants, shops, places to visit, attractions to see and much more, and help you to make you stay in Rome easy!



Remember that our tours are completely tailored to our customers' needs, so don't hesitate to ask whatever you wish, we will be glad to do our best to meet your request!



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