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Rome Ghost Tour

rome ghost tourVisited places: Saint Peter’s Basilica, Castel Sant’Angelo, Navona Square, Campo de' Fiori, Portico of Octavia.
Starting time: 6:30 pm
Available every day

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walking difficulty: easy





Be part of our Rome Ghost Tour, a scary and entertaining adventure where we'll follow together the ghosts of famous Roman characters through many streets and squares of Rome.

The Rome Ghost Tour will show you the folklore of the Eternal City. Your guide will be the storyteller of the legends of those hidden and suggestive places and will reveal to you gloomy and dark stories that are usually not told by other guides. Walking through this dark past, you’ll explore the most hidden alleys and corners, visiting suggestive places, where a ghostly air of mystery still lingers.

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When the sun goes down in Rome, a new face of the city shows itself. An ancient, dark and unknown side, where reality and legend merge.

The past of Rome is still alive down through its subterraneans, in its narrow streets, in its churches and in its ruins. Every corner of the city has been theater of bloody battles, love affairs and tortures. Immortal and almost unheard stories of lost lives, relentlessly bond to this place, are an indissoluble part of this past. Stories of figures that never accepted to left this world and that still wander through the streets of Rome.

We will lead you into the discovery of intriguing dark stories and, thanks to your tour guide, you will soon be immersed into a new kind of tour - that ‘ll be anything but traditional - to experience a different side of Rome.

The ghosts of these famous characters will be the ones to guide us into this gloomy and dark adventure, that will bring us to visit some of the most mysterious places in the city:

Saint Peter’s Basilica: the ghost of Julius Caesar;
Castel Sant’Angelo: the ghosts of Beatrice Cenci, Mastro Titta and Barbaro Innamorato;
Navona Square: the ghosts of Costanza de Cupis, Madonna Olimpia and Quintino;
Campo de' Fiori: the ghosts of Giordano Bruno;
Portico of Octavia: ghost of Berenice.



Duration: 2 hours and a half

Location: outdoor

Wheelchair accessible: yes



Of course, you can decide to go on your tour whenever you prefer.
Our tip for you anyway is to plan your tour, if that’s possible, at the beginning of your stay in Rome. In this way, your guide can advice you on restaurants, shops, places to visit, attractions to see and much more, and help you to make you stay in Rome easy!



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