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Kids: Vatican Museums Tour

scary places rome for kidsVisited places: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Saint Peterʼs Basilica.
Starting time: 9am
Not available on Sundays

entrancefee yes

tours indoor

tours morning

walking difficulty: easy




Kids: Vatican Museums Tour – welcome to the Pope's Palace!

If you are traveling to Rome with your family and kids, you certainly would not want to miss a visit to one of the most beautiful museum in the world, the Vatican Museums! Enjoy an incredible experience during an unforgettable private tour and follow your private tour guide into an entertaining discovery of ancient marvels and legends!

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Enter the Pope's Palace

Start your private tour with a visit to the Pope's Palace. This is going to be an incredible experience: discover the many galleries and the treasures hidden within the palace. This is indeed the place where the most talented and well known artists in the world had worked and had created their masterpieces: Michelangelo, Raffaello, Bramante and Bernini, just to mention some of them.
This is also the place where your kids and family will discover amazing decorations: ancient artworks, vases, statues mummies and sarcophagus...

Learn history and legends

Follow your private tour guide, she will be your storyteller! You'll learn everything you wish to know about the Pope. Did you know for instance that there is an entire gallery in the Vatican Museums featuring a painted map? Let's see who will find Rome on it first! We bet your kids will be faster than your tour guide!

Michelangelo & The Sistine Chapel

We will learn everything about Michelangelo and his atelier, his moody personality and his genius, starting from his masterpiece: the Sistine Chapel. This stunning chamber is still used today during the Pope's election: through the paintings, the letters and the numerous portraits you will be revealed the secrets of the most sacred place in the Vatican.

Visit the Saint Peter's Basilica

Continue your private tour with your family and kids with a visit of the Saint Peter's Basilica, still protected today by the famous Swiss guards wearing their unique uniforms. It will be an exciting walk rich of marvels trough what is know for being one of the most important symbols of Christianity all over the world!

Saint Peter's Square

We'll end our tour in the stunning Saint Peter's square: admire the columns, the statues and the Basilica. This is the place where the Pope meet the believers for the prayer and your private tour guide will show you the places he likes most: the balcony and the parvis.
This perfect mix of art, culture, legend and history, will certainly be a major highlight of your trip to Rome! Discover the Vatican Museums during a private tour perfectly tailored for your family and kids!



Duration: 3 hours

Location: indoor

Wheelchair accessible: yes

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Of course, you can decide to go on your tour whenever you prefer. 
Our tip for you anyway is to plan your tour, if that’s possible, at the beginning of your stay in Rome. In this way, your guide can advice you on restaurants, shops, places to visit, attractions to see and much more, and help you to make you stay in Rome easy!

Remember that our tours are completely tailored to our customers' needs, so don't hesitate to ask whatever you wish, we will be glad to do our best to meet your request!


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