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Tivoli and its gardens

tivoliLet’s discover dream villas of the ancient times…. with us, it’s so easy!
Visited places: Hadrian’s Villa, Villa d’ Este
Not available: on Mondays, Jenuary 1st, May 1st, December 25th

entrance tickets needed


daytime tour only

walking difficulty: hight





Rome is Easy private tour in Tivoli offers its guests the chance to experience of a beautiful day trip to the town of Tivoli and its amazing archeological site in an atmosphere of comfort, relax and fun!

You’ll admire the astonishing landscape the Emperor Hadrian chose for his exotic residence, where he recreated monuments he saw during his journeys to Greece, Asia Minor and Egypt.

Few centuries later, in the 1500’s Cardinal Ippolito II D'Este took marbles and statues from the nearby Hadrian's Villa to decorate his own Villa D'Este. We will stroll in a palatial setting surrounded by a spectacular terraced garden. Cascades, water tanks, troughs and pools, water jets and fountains....

Begin Your Tour With Us

Experience Tivoli and its gardens with Rome is Easy private tours! 
Let us know if you have any particular needs or requests. We will be glad to make your wishes come true.



Pick Up At Your Stay

Since we want to make your journey easy and comfortable from the very beginning, your tour guide and your private car will come and pick you up at your stay in Rome. Together we’ll start our amazing trip to Tivoli!

Reach Tivoli And Its Archeological Site

Once in Tivoli, the car will leave us outside the archeological site, which is an incredibly huge area of nearly 120 hectares. Thanks to your guide orienting yourself will be simple, as buying the entrance tickets.

Enter Hadrian’s Villa

Hadrian’s Villa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the finest example of the 2nd century A.D. archeological site. It’s a unique place where it’s possible to find traces of Greek and Egyptian architecture.

Since the area is so huge and full of ruins a knowledgeable tour guide specialized in this site is really indispensable if you really want to appreciate the history and charm of this place. Indeed, thanks to image reconstruction your private guide will bring the place alive and help you understand how the area looked like in Hadrian’s time.

Moreover, remember that the Villa resembled the willing of the Emperor. Thus, your guide will tell you all you need to know and the most interesting facts about Hadrian’s life, that are indispensable to understand the meaning of the Villa.

So just relax and be prepared for your trip back in time with Rome is easy private tours!

Stop For Lunch

After our visit to Hadrian’s Villa there will be time to enjoy a tasty lunch in one of the best local restaurants that your private guide will select for you according to your wish and taste! Contact us for more information!

Continue the journey to Villa D’Este

The name of the Villa originated from Cardinal Ippolito D’Este, also governor of the town of Tivoli. The Villa was built on the ruins of an original Roman temple and through glass floor panels located in the two of the rooms it is still possible to see them.

The building is a Renaissance masterpiece of two floors that, opening out onto the garden!
The garden is really remarkable and every turn hides one of the many spectacular fountains, caves and pools whose magnificence always leave visitors breathless!

Ask Us For Some Advice To Continue Your Journey

At the end of the tour your guide will be glad to help you and give you some advice on anything you wish to know, such as souvenirs, books, restaurants and so on. So, please don’t hesitate to ask.



Duration: 6 hours

Location: outdoor

Wheelchair accessible: partially

Tickets: 8 Euros per person (D’Este Villa) + 8 Euros per person (Hadrian’s Villa)



Water and Food: within the archeological site you can find bars and stalls where you can buy water or food.
During Summer: remember to bring with you suntan cream and to wear a hat to protect from the sun.
Also remember to wear comfortable shoes and clothes since this is a walking tour!



 Remember that our tours are completely tailored to our customers' needs, so don't hesitate to ask whatever you wish, we will be glad to do our best to meet your request!

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